Respect Campaign

FA Respect Campaign

The FA’s Respect campaign is in place to help everyone involved within the game of football enjoy the game in a safe environment and to kick out unacceptable behaviour which may take place. Wortley FC fully supports the FA Respect campaign and what it means for coaches, club officials, players and supporters.
There are a number of resources you can read regarding the Respect campaign and what it promotes, however have a read below to see the basic principles for each group of people. Please ensure you abide by these guidelines and encourage others to do the same.

For managers, coaches and club officials, the Respect campaign means:
– Setting a positive example to those we are responsible for
– Showing respect to everyone involved within the game
– Promoting fair play
– Placing the well-being, safety and enjoyment of each player above everything else.

For players, the Respect campaign means:
– Always playing to the best of your ability and for the benefit of the team
– Playing fairly
– Respecting your team mates as well as the opposition, match officials and your coach
– Being gracious in winning as well as defeat by shaking hands with the other team and referee after each game
– Listening to your coach while understanding that they have to do what is best for the team

For parents, carers and spectators the Respect campaign means:
– Remembering that children are playing for fun and things won’t always go to plan
– Applauding effort and good play – not just success
– Respecting the referee’s decision even if you don’t agree with it
– Remaining within the designated spectator area – behind the Respect barrier on the opposite side of the pitch to coaches
– Letting the coaches do their job and not confusing players by telling them what to do
– Encouraging players to respect the opposition, referee and match officials
– Never engaging in or tolerating offensive, insulting or abusive language or behaviour.

If you have any concerns regarding unacceptable behaviour you have seen at a match please make your team manager aware so this can be investigated. Alternatively, feel free to contact a member of the committee, whose contact details you can find here.
Full guidelines for the FA Respect campaign can be found on the FA website.